Dollywood's Newest Coaster: Fire Chaser Express
By Jon Hoffman © 2014, All Rights Reserved

It's the dream of every little boy, and more than a few little girls: to grow up to be a firefighter. At the sound of the alarm, you'll hop aboard a flame-red fire engine, siren wailing, and race to the scene, where you and your friends will save the day.

While you may have outgrown the fireman fantasy and instead settled for a cozy corporate job, there's still a chance to feel the surge of excitement real firemen get when they pull on their boots and helmet and head out to the fire. Spring 2014 marks the date for the launch of Dollywood's newest coaster, the Fire Chaser Express.

The Race Is On to Save the Great Smoky Mountains

The fun begins at Fire House #7, perched high above Wilderness Pass. You'll board one of three brilliant-red trains for the start of your journey. From there you'll plunge into two helices that will leave you breathless before climbing 12 stories to begin a series of twists and turns to thrill even the big kids in your group. And just when you think the ride is done, you'll be catapulted backwards for the final return to the firehouse.

With a nod to the real-life heroes who risk their safety every day fighting forest fires, Dollywood's new ride is sure to be a hit. Even with the serious subject, though, there's plenty of fun to be had. The storyline revolves around a watchful fire chief and his nemesis, Crazy Charlie, who operates the local fireworks shop and who is somewhat less than careful with his explosives. As a new volunteer firefighter, it's your job to save the Great Smoky Mountains from certain disaster when Crazy Charlie's antics get out of hand.

Dollywood's Fire Chaser Express is the first of its kind in the United States. This dual-launch coaster features both backward and forward tracks for added thrills, and invites families to enjoy the ride together with its low height requirement (just 39 inches).

Die-Hard Coaster Fans Will Not Be Disappointed

Don't let the "family coaster" title turn you off; this rollercoaster is no kiddie ride. At over 2,400 total feet in length (100 feet of which is twisted, turning track) Fire Chaser Express delivers both forward and backward movement, six "airtime moments," and a top speed of nearly 35 miles per hour. Even the most diehard thrill seekers in your group will be lining up to ride.

If you needed another reason to book a trip to the Smokies this year, the latest addition to Dollywood's coaster collection is it. Plus, while you're there, you'll enjoy everything else this park has to offer, including live entertainment, watery fun at Splash Country, and the stunning scenery of the Great Smoky Mountains. Don't miss a chance to spend some family time reliving your childhood dreams.


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