MagiQuest Brings Video Game Excitement to Reality in Pigeon Forge
By Bennie McCann © 2009, All Rights Reserved

For years people of all ages have been captivated by the tales of a wizard boy battling an evil villain.  By letting their imaginations run wild, these readers have visualized what it might be like to live in a world of wands and wizardry.  Now you can experience it in real life.  Children and adults of all ages will be amazed as they begin a journey they’ll remember forever.  You see, MagiQuest is a world like no other. 

Pigeon Forge is the newest location for MagiQuest.  When you arrive, the first order of business is to purchase a wand.  This is an important step because you custom-design the wand of your dreams.  Once your design is complete, the wand will keep track of everything you do and everywhere you go throughout MagiQuest. 

This unique tool unlocks over 150 special effects and is yours to keep.   Always put it in a safe place because it will work at any of the 12 MagiQuest sites in the United States.  Leave one location and the next time you return your wand will allow you to pick up where your adventure stopped, no matter which location you visit.

MagiQuest also allows each player, known as magi, to create their own characters and adventures.  Want to slay a dragon or save a captive princess?  Dare to encounter creatures from other worlds?  With MagiQuest those things are possible and more. 

Imagine a video game designed by you that becomes reality.  That’s what MagiQuest is like.  Unlock ancient secrets and you’ll gain powers that allow you to travel farther than any man and discover mystic treasures unlike any others.  Along the way you might run into characters such as Princess Candice, the Quest Master or Winterra the Ice Dragon.  Get ready.  Once you walk through the castle doors your journey begins immediately.

As a magi, you can tackle adventures on your own or play with a team.  You play at your own pace, giving you the opportunity to contemplate each move carefully or test your reflexes as you travel through in a whirlwind.  However, you must be able to solve the puzzles and riddles presented in order to advance to the next challenge. 

Every player is given a booklet with clues to help solve the riddles.  Adults can get wisdom from ancient books that also provide clues to the magi.  Are you brave enough to travel alone?  Go ahead… the choice is yours.

MagiQuest is a unique way of providing fun for any group.  It’s much like a scavenger hunt with unbelievable special effects.  Looking for a unique way to celebrate a birthday?  Trying to find something new to do during the summer?  With the affordable admission price, MagiQuest is a great choice for many different occasions. 

Another incredible feature is that new quests are added each year, so players will always find adventure and excitement as they explore the enchanting world of MagiQuest.  Retail shops are available at each location offering a variety of souvenirs to remind you of your mystical journey.

The majority of kids sit and play video games for hours on end.  A large number of adults do as well.  MagiQuest gives everyone the opportunity to get up and move while having fun as they become the main characters in a life-like exploration.  Let the fantasy begin!

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